How To Find A Successful Weight Loss Exercise Program

There are many, many weight loss exercise programs out there boasting miraculous results in a short time for anyone who wants to follow the program. While these weight loss exercise programs may work for some people out there, they are not for everyone. Plus, the best way to lose weight and keep it off (which is really the most difficult part of the process for most people) is to make changes in their eating and exercise habits.

Here are a few examples of people who lost weight because of following a healthy lifestyle in combination with a weight loss program. You can find more testimonials on

Sunni Nate O’Maley

Sunni Nate O'Maley

My name is Sunni and this is my testimony up to now, which is a little over halfway. My mom started on Skinny Fiber In December and of course I was full of skepticism, that is, until she started losing weight and inches.

I had a major surgery in April of 2013 and am not able to exercise or do any strenuous activities until September of this year, and also have started my own company and sit at a computer all day so weight has been creeping up on me. I have battled my weight since high school, and I have tried pretty much every diet or pill imaginable but the weight always came back or never left in the first place.

Since my mom was losing weight, and being so successful, she wanted to make me a believer, so she bought my first 2 bottles. I started taking Skinny Fiber on January 31st, 2014, so here is my Day 1, 30 and 45 day pictures.

I am totally shocked at the results because I honestly did not think anything was changing. I am so so glad I bit the bullet and took before and during pictures. This is only at 45 days and am so excited to see the results of the 90 day pictures!

I will post my 90 day for sure and maybe 60 depending if there is a major change! Thank you Skinny Fiber for helping me start to achieve my weight loss goals while not being able to work out and thanks to my mom for believing in Skinny Fiber so much to make me overcome my skepticism and become a believer!

Bonnie Pierce Luper

Bonnie Pierce Luper

I was introduced to Skinny Fiber in mid March 2013. I did not take pics on the day I started because I hated taking pics! I had no idea I would be sharing and helping so many people all over the world in just a few short months!

I started Skinny Fiber to help support my daughter Courtney on her weight loss journey. I knew how to lose weight. Just eat right… cut out the junk! My problem was just doing it! I always hated any pills even Tylenol! I can really be stubborn sometimes! I knew I needed to stand behind my daughter and I had to do something about my own weight problem that was out of control again!

I lost a huge amount of weight back in 2006 and kept it off 2 years until after the summer of 2008 when my husband David had a stroke and subdural hematoma, had to be airlifted via Careflite to another hospital for an immediate craniotomy. He came very close to not making it! So very Thankful he is doing Great now! God had other plans! Long story short the past 5 years were extremely tough on me! We have
been married 40 years and have always worked together as a team with our businesses! After his surgery everything was piled up on me to do it all while he was healing, making all the money, etc.

I got depressed and weak and instead of being strong I fell back to my old ways of eating out of stress and eating the wrong foods. Then I lost my precious sister Barbara to cancer and my beautiful niece Paula!

I just kept on eating! I would get so disgusted with myself and start a new diet again only to make it a week or so and back off again. So I would lose a few pounds and gain it plus a few more back again! I knew I had to get ahold of myself!

My daughter was telling me how Skinny Fiber was all natural and helping her to stick to her diet making it so much easier keeping her from backsliding. I looked up all the ingredients to make sure it was safe and read all of the Amazing Results others were getting and I told Courtney I was ready to order and be on the journey with her!

I had already experienced the wonderful feeling before after losing lots of weight! I even said It would NEVER happen again! I would Never let food control me like that again!! But things happen in Life out of our control! People would even ask “How could you gain that weight back again” or give me a shocked look if they hadn’t seen me in a while. It hurt but I did it to myself and I was the only one that could do anything about it! I had to stop beating myself up and realize “I am human… people fail”!

I don’t know how many times I have tried and lost and gained back over the past 30 years! I have done just about all of it, shakes, jelly belly beans, patches, soup diets, etc.

Losing weight, getting healthy is Tough! YOU HAVE TO WANT IT TO HAPPEN MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! We can ALL make it happen if we want it bad enough!

I am so excited to share with you from mid March to now I have lost a total of 60 pounds! I take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 30-45 minutes before my 2 biggest meals. Remember I am not big on pills so I take one with a glass of water then the other one with another glass of water. Yes I am human and I do miss a dose here and there too! I follow a low carb diet with my Skinny Fiber.

It is amazing how Skinny Fiber helps me to stick with my diet. Without it I would have already failed again! Sf helps to cut my cravings for junk food, curbs my appetite and helps me feel full quicker! I want to lose another 60-70 pounds and I am about halfway there! I know I can reach my goal by my 57th birthday on June 12.

Skinny Fiber is helping me so why don’t you let it help you too?

Start A Weight Loss Exercise Program

The first thing you need to do is start a weight loss exercise program. It doesn’t have to be life altering – just make sure you get up and get going. When you start your weight loss exercise program, be sure to consult with a physician and also set up a few appointments with a personal trainer who can find out what exercises will benefit you the most.

Then, to supplement this weight loss exercise program you’ll need to start making changes in your life. If you’re overweight you probably have some habits that contribute to it. The best way to keep off the weight you lose through your weight loss exercise program is to make little changes (even if just one at a time) so that you don’t find yourself creeping back to your old habits after the work of losing your weight in the first place.

Here are some ideas:

Become more active throughout the day, not just during your workout time.

1. If you ride the bus or other form of public transport, walk an extra block before getting on and get off one stop early to add in some walking to and from work.
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
3. Do something active while watching TV: jumping rope, jogging in place, dusting the house, etc.
4. Get up ten minutes early and take a quick walk around the block before getting ready for work.
5. On your break at work, take a walk instead of having a snack.

Make changes in your diet.

1. If you drink soda, start by replacing one soda a day with water. Just do one at a time. Eventually, you’ll be able to give up the high calorie drink all together.
2. Find healthier versions of your favorite junk foods. Instead of potato chips, look into baked chips or pretzels for example.
3. Add a small lettuce salad to the beginning of each meal.
4. Prepare yourself with healthy snacks. Many people have a difficult time resisting junk food when they are the hungriest and junk food is convenient. Keep some healthy snacks in your bag, briefcase or desk so that you have a backup when hunger strikes.